Casual Weekend Outfit

I believe there are times for us women feeling too lazy to get dressed up even it’s during on weekend! When high heels are too much and a piece of dress is just way too over for a short meet up with your girls. I am that kind of girl who feels that often ! […]

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What I Learned on My Early 20's

Don’t you realize we’ve reached more than half of 2017? Time is seriously passing by, and by the end of this year I’m also going to turn 23. It still feels like yesterday when I just celebrated my 17th and now I’m on my mid-early 20’s. It’s crazy how many things are changed, life never […]

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Summer and the City

Summer is officially here guys! Although I know it’s always and will always be summer in Indonesia. 😉 Do you have any plan yet ? Summer vacation by the pool with bikinis on maybe? or time to upgrade your summer outfit ? Well, to be honest, talking about summer, it’s a totally love-hate relationship. I […]

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