A Day in My Life

July 27, 2017

Hey guys, whatcha doin? Hope you are having a good day like me!

Life’s been so busy lately,  and I can’t help to feel a bit exhausted yet at the same time  I love that kind of ” busy feeling “.

Well, some of you may know my job requires a lot of counters mobiling and travel to other city (sometimes), but there are moments that I will spend my day in my office, working on some papers or reports just like other office workers do!

So I start my day with food LOL! These days,I’ve been trying to wake up earlier in the morning, simply because I need to stuff my self with light breakfast. Honestly, I am not a breakfast person before, but I want to have healthier lifestyle and I read many articles said breakfast is really important for our body to boost energy and avoid overeating during lunch. Since I am now on diet too , I notice the difference. It doesn’t have to be heavy one, you can make simple and fast one like mine! What I usually do , I make a slice of wheat toast with egg along with some fruits and detox tea to maximize my metabolism and digestion system. It was Super YUMMY and filling 🙂


Then I will prepare my self to go to office after that. Luckily, my office is located very close to my house. It takes about 10 minutes by car.

Once I arrived at office, first thing that I will do is to check my email as my boss usually send reports or any important thing through emails, so it is very important for me to checking on them first. When it’s finished, I will write sales reports, update counters stock data, consolidate some items if needed, follow up on supervisors and our customer request as well.


Some of you still curious where I am working at and what is my job ? Like what I mentioned on my previous post, I work at one of Singaporean brand fashion retail company as merchandising manager. Sounds glamour enough? Believe me it’s not like what it sounds. Since fashion is moving really fast, working in fashion industry you need to work not only fast but smart and creative. You have to be able to do more than what they expect, brave enough to make decisions, yet admit when you are doing mistakes and learned from that.


You know it’s lunch time when you see 2 arrows are pointing at the same number HAHA! I usually bring lunch box to office, but today  I decided to eat out with my work-mate. At first we were really confuse to choose what to eat cause both of us is on diet, but finally we decided to go to healthy restaurant that is famous with their healthy meal and dessert. The name of the restaurant is Madame Chang.

It’s located at Raya Darmo Permai Street I / 15 . During lunch time the place is full of people. We were lucky enough we don’t need to queue to find seat.
There are many variations of foods and drinks , I ordered Shrimp Roll with Lemon Grass Tea. The rolls came with special sauce as well, and the tea was da-bomb!


By the time we finished our lunch, I just realized that my office mate wearing similar outfit with mine! If you watched my “Winter to Spring Lookbook” on my Youtube channel, you will recognize her. Actually we don’t know how many times it happened. One day we wore same color, the other day we wore the exact same shirt we bought from the exact same shop and today we wore similar skirt and shoes. I think we are doing well more than twin sisters do LOL!


Most of the times, we will back to office and continue our work, but today, we had meeting outside office with our CEO to discuss some issues, so we just went back to pack our things and met at Starbucks Coffee. Our company is going to celebrate their anniversary soon, so we shared and talked a lot about the ideas, concepts and marketing strategies that we need to prepare really  soon.


Meeting’s done , I directly went straight to home, did my workout, and continue with simple night routines before go to bed as the closing of the day! ( which consist of youtubing, skin care, and checking on social media  )

These were pretty much activities that I do everyday. Seems boring ? Maybe! My life isn’t perfect, but i do enjoy every second of it.Just remember to be grateful each day and wake up with the new spirit next day. Things will get better, and you are always one step closer to your dream if you keep doing it 🙂 FIGHTING!


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  1. Hello maam. I came to this blog accidentally and I feel your lifestyle is some good.
    I want to ask something to you
    Let’s talk by E-mail.
    Have a good time

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