Basic Ways to Wear Denim Jacket

January 15, 2018

One of the thing I love the most about rainy season is that I can finally put a warmer piece for me. I’ve always obsessed with autumn winter fashion, too bad I couldn’t experience it here since my country is located right on the equator line ( which makes it tropical weather country through out the year 🙁  ), but one wardrobe essential I think everyone should own is a classic good jeans jacket.

Denim jacket is a piece that you can always have fun with . Usually, they give you casual vibes to your look, but they can also be dressed up a little bit. They’ll keep you warm without  suffocating you, and they don’t cover up the rest of your cute outfit – in fact, they can usually make your outfit even cuter and more stylish .

Basically, you can wear your denim jacket through all seasons, whether it’s spring or winter, name it all and it will suitable for all of them.

Here’s how I style my denim jacket with the 2 simplest ways.

  1. As a layering


I’ve always tried to make my look simple yet still stylish. I really like the combination of denim jacket and simple T-shirt. It will never go wrong! If you live in a hot weather country like me, you will feel much comfortable since T-shirt won’t let you feel even more stiflingly hot, so it’s kind of balance everything. Combine it with short pants or skorts you have and you are READY TO GO!.

If you feel you need to look a bit dressier, then you can definitely wear your favorite dress instead of T-shirt, don’t worry you will still look gorgeous anyway ! Put your favorite accessories to level up your appearance like glasses or hoops earrings.

2. As an ” accessories” to your overall look


Whenever I feel like, ” I want to wear this jeans jacket, but it’s too hot “, you can always make it as an accessories for your look. For me, leaving my jacket inside my bag will be such a waste, so I like to tie it on my waist like the trend you knew back then on early 2000’s. It’s so basic, but trust me will bring you so much difference.  If you don’t feel comfortable, you can also let it just hang on your shoulder without putting your arm on your jacket sleeves like those kind of fashion blogger style 😉

Another tips for me that is really important on wearing denim jacket, NEVER EVER wear other jeans piece with the same shades like your jackets , or you will end up look so out of style a.k.a failed on it.

So, which one do you prefer between these two tips? Let me know on the comment box below and I hope you enjoy this mini styling tips from me.


Thanks for reading and have a good day;)

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  1. Wah berarti pake warnanya kalau bisa beda ya walaupun sama-sama bahan denim?
    Makanya aku kok kadang merasa aneh gitu kalau shadenya sama.
    Suka banget tipsnya van, terutama yg no 1. Styleku banget
    Makasih udah sharing ❤

    1. Hi Gadis! thank you for stopping by 😉
      Iya emang lebih baik pakai yang shades nya beda, supaya keliatan lebih trendy and chic. Normally kalau km put yang shades sama , bakal keliatan old fashioned or failed 😉
      Thank you Dis !

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