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First Time Living Abroad + Life Update : Korea

July 16, 2018

Heyya All! It’s good to finally be able to write again. I took days off from all my blogs and youtube activities since I am now moving to * drum roll * SEOUL , SOUTH KOREA <3!

It’s been always one of my dream since I was 19 , to live and study abroad, to experience new things, and to meet many people from different cultures and background.  I am now officially a student in Myongji University, Seoul – South Korea. Initially,  I got a full scholarship for Korean language program in other school but it’s located too far away from town, 2 hours away from Daejeon city and near the mountain ,  so I ended up turn them down since my parents also said so. In case you are wondering about my job, what class I’m currently taking then the answer is YES, I re-sign from my job on this April and I’m in language program at the moment which (hopefully) possible to allow me to obtain scholarship for degree level.

As this is my first time living abroad, there are a lot of new challenges and struggles that I’m facing. Living alone in Indonesia, and living alone in other country might be similar but still, much much different in so many ways. Indonesia, we do still have gojek , grab or whatever it is to take you faster , but in Korea taxi fare are so expensive and let’s say if you’re craving for something in the middle of the night , you have to drag your self to the nearest market cause GOFOOD doesn’t exist here. Dry clean and kilogram laundry system are pretty much everywhere in Indonesia, but they do count or charge per pcs/ item in Korea, so I usually do it all my self including bed sheets and bed cover washing 🙂

Anyway, this just a sneak peek about how my life goin these days. If someone ask me ” how are you?? how’s Korea treating you? Don’t you miss home ? ” , my answer’s gonna be YEAH , I am so HAPPY to be here. I love learning languages and explore other country’s culture so don’t think I came here because I love KPOP ( if you do , well I am not surprised either cause that is the first thing that pop out on people’s mind whenever they hear someone study in KOREA ) , and Seoul is treating me SUPER DUPER right. Foods, cosmetics, friends, entertainments, cafes, they pretty much have everything in here so I am not complaining. Do I miss home? Yes, of course. I miss home foods and Sunday family time but this is also a part of the journey I couldn’t avoid.

I didn’t regret this decisions at all. I’m a firm believer if you keep staying inside your comfort zone then you might never be able to grow. A lot of new things I discover through this abroad life. How I manage my financial as a foreign student , finding part time jobs,  time management, and how to accept differences among other people with different nationalities. I see world much bigger than I’ve imagined. This shapes me to become more responsible to my own life and to be a  more open minded person.

Although some people must be questioning like ” what’s my purpose of learning Korean? why not Chinese? or why not to go to western country instead. You are now above 20, you are fully grown up woman, isn’t it better for you to just find a decent job and get married ?”  In my opinion, no matter what languages you learn, as long as you like and you do enjoy it, it doesn’t matter. Be it Chinese, English, Japanese, or any other languages, linguistic skill is still a skill and experiences are still experiences. They’re a plus point for yourself and decent job isn’t always good and can make you happy.

Why do other people have to be the reason for you to throw away your dreams and force you to do something you hate ? and ” WHAT IF ” you are destined to find your soulmate 5 years from now? Will you still gonna patiently stay on the same spot and not doing anything for your life? In my case, that’s something I cannot do. Sure, I do want to meet my other half soon, but I believe in His timing. You attract other people when you are sure about your self. Trust me, do your best and everything else will eventually fall into places. Universe has it’s own way to bring people together 🙂

Well, that’s all for now and I hope this post of mine could be an inspiration for you guys . I will share more about my experiences  in the future. Thanks for reading and I do hope you have a good day !



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