Kiwi Body Spa ( Cory Beauty Giveaway )

January 22, 2018

Hi guys! Few months ago, one of my friend asked me to join a Christmas give away from Cory Beauty Centre. That time, I’m not really familiar with what is that about, but since I did want to help my friend as this was one of her work project, so I decided to join the crowd! The winner will get a chance to get a full treatment of Kiwi Spa. One day, I got a DM from them cause I won the giveaway contest, so lucky me 😉 ! For those of you who don’t know about Cory Beauty Centre, it’s a day-spa salon that offer many ranges of hair to toe treatments.

Since I’m a western Surabaya-ers ( LOL ), apparently I see this place really often, but I didn’t put attention to the name of this place , so I kind of have no idea but I know this salon has been there since I was still in senior high school. Anyway, I visited the one that located at Pakuwon Mall, but they have another one at G-walk, Citraland area as well.


The first thing that will catch your eyes, is how red the place is. I am not saying is a bad thing, but the red concept is very strong. They also put some of Chinese decorations , so it reminds me of the buildings or places in China. Don’t freak out girls, it won’t make you less comfortable tho. All treatment rooms are separated by curtains, so it doesn’t matter whether you come with friends or alone, you can still have fun together or keep your own privacy at the same time.


This treatment took about 2 hours long. Apologize  I couldn’t take many photos during the treatment cause it will be too exposing if I have really done that , but still I want to share this experience with you , so I am just gonna explain a bit about the treatment steps and process  😉

Massage : First one, the therapist ask me to change my clothes and then start to massage my body. You can request on how hard the pressure of the massage as you want and they will try to adjust it so that you can enjoy. It really gives me extra relaxation and also bring my energy back.

Steaming : They have this large steam chair separate in other rooms, and I just need to sit down on , then they will zip the chair with a cover so it keeps the heat inside the chair and it automatically steam your body. This will open your body pores , and all nutrition and benefits from the treatment products you get will be well absorbed to your skin.

Scrubbing : This step is just like any other step you will have at every spa salon. What makes it different is that they use Kiwi as the main ingredients to soften and brighten your skin ,but the primary function of scrubbing is to remove our dead skin body cells through exfoliation as well as cleanse the skin and increase body’s blood circulation.

 Body Mask : The last and main point of this treatment. Kiwi extract is used to mask your body. Kiwi is well known to keep skin youthful, radical – free, and also fights acne. They will ask you to wait and leave the mask around 30 minutes. Once it’s finished, you need to take a shower to cleanse these. Do this really properly , since I still found white casts from the mask eventhough I washed them twice already. Use body soap for the best result 😀

Overall, I did really enjoy the treatments and I feel so fresh after that. My skin feels so smooth, soft and it looks brighter too. The staff and beauty therapists were so kind and helpful during the treatments. Anyway, in case you are wondering , this treatment cost about 300K IDR if I’m not mistaken. For more information related to other treatments, products or price, do check their Instagram : @corybeauty .


Thank you CORY BEAUTY for giving me such a nice and good treatment. Definitely will be back for another treatment in the future!

Thanks for reading and have a good day , Pals 😉


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