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Marck’s Venus Beauty Gathering & Anti Aging Body Serum Review (Sponsored)

May 8, 2018

Do you still remember the iconic Marcks powder?  The bright yellow packaging with woman character on it ? If you do, then I can say you are the true Indonesian woman! Because , last week, I got another invitation from Surabaya Beauty Blogger for Marck’s Venus beauty gathering with bloggers along with Bintang Tabloid team at The Singgasana Hotel Surabaya .

I can say that Venus is the upgraded version of the basic Marcks product we knew before, they came with better and more modern packaging, younger target market, and new formula. Though, Venus name it self  sounds unfamiliar, don’t worry! They are produced and manufactured by the same company, Kimia Farma, which one of Indonesian pioneer in pharmacy and probably the oldest one 😉

We definitely gained more knowledge on how to take care of our skin with the right skin care products, and also had skin care talk session along with short Q&A with Dr. Tri from Kimia Farma, Dr. Linda Astri SpKK, and pretty influencer from Surabaya, Stefani Gabriela. Beside all of mentioned above, they also introduced us all the Venus products



You might hear this thousand times , but it is truly important to take care not only our face, but also our body skin as well . Our body is our own asset that we have to take care of, and the older we get, the more Collagens our skin will lose. Hence, Venus presented the new Anti Aging Body, that also contains Red Algae and Collagen to maintain our skin elasticity.

Packaging :

It came with medium size plastic tube packaging and pretty sure it can last for around 2 months if you use it on everyday basis ! It’s a sealed packaging so you have to peel it off first, and honestly I like the fact that these could minimize wasted products and keep it hygienic.

Texture :

The smell is so fresh, it has pinkish color, with light and some kind of  tutti – frutti smell feeling. The texture it self is not too thick or too watery. It’s right in the middle! I understand some people don’t like to use body serum , as it often cause sticky feeling on the body after the application, but this one doesn’t feel sticky at all. It dries quiet fast even though you need to wait for few moments. One more plus point, this provides UV protection to avoid bad effects from day lights !

Overall :

I like this product and I do recommend everyone to try on this one!  It doesn’t only moisturized your skin, but maintain our skin youthfulness without having to pay that much (IDR 25,000). Too bad that the size is too big if you want to bring this buddy when you’re traveling. You can get this body serum along with other Venus products at  Kimia Farma apothecary or check out their IG @venuscosmeticind for further information  😀

Thanks for reading and Have a nice day peeps !

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  1. FYI, bedak Marcks ada yg model kekinian juga Van. Aku beli soalnya wadahnya lucu #packagingwhore

    Setuju sama ukurannya. Kegedean yaa kalo dibawa2, tapi krn aku jarang travelling, so it’s fine by me hahaha

    1. Hai KAKAK!

      Oh ya? kok aku masih sering liatnya yang tradisional warna kuning ya kak ?
      Btw yang loose powder dpt dr boxnya juga okey lo, too bad yang compactnya shadesnya agak gelap di aku 🙁

      iya nih gede banget huhahahahah!
      Thanks kak udah mampir ! Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Halo Ursula,

      Iya nih sneng juga aku bisa kumpul bareng team surabaya beauty blogger :).
      Thank you udah mampir di blog aku


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