(Review) Absolute New York Matte Lipstick & Eye Artiste Shadow

December 23, 2017

If this is your first time hearing about Absolute New York Cosmetics, then you’ve made the right decision to come to my blog!

Last month I got invited to the very first SBB soiree which actually I’ve mentioned about on my previous post , and as one of our sponsor, Absolute New York gave us these 2 items called Matte Lipstick and Eye Artiste for us to try on.

I believe for all beauty and makeup enthusiast, The Balm is familiar enough, right? 🙂 Absolute New York is managed by the same company with The Balm and VOV Cosmetics, so you don’t have to worry about their quality or safety on your skin! 🙂


The packaging came in monochrome color just like most of make up brand out there. Minimalist and very elegant. Made by plastic material and also very travel friendly size.



A mini size single shadow completed with mini shadow brush as well. I got mine in SUGAR PLUM shade, kind of brown based color with a bit mix of dark purple.


As you can see, this shadow is quite pigmented and glittery, but do take a note that I had to swipe 3-4 times my fingers to get that “pigmented” like on the photo above.


At first when I tried to swatch it on my hand,  I am happy with the color  , but I expected it to be more purple maroon-ish on my eyes instead of brown. Im not saying that this product is not good, but turns out it is more to natural brown kind of look when I applied it on my eyes and the shimmery finish didn’t show that much which makes this shadow is more suitable for daily look.


Matte Lipstick


Soft matte lipstick with vivid finish, mine is in shade NFA51 CADMIUM RED which is a combination of red as a based color and slight of orange and pink. I think this color is very unique and I personally like this kind of bright color since it suits well on my skin.


The texture is a litte bit moist , which is good for us to save more time on lipbalm step. It does still transfer , but for me it is still okay . I swiped it for 2 times and It did still stay on. I also tested this lipstick yesterday when I went to christmas dinner with my friends, and after I finished my dinner, one of my friend is amazed by this lipstick and ask me what lipstick I used that day!


This photo is taken with indoor natural lighting, but in real life i guarantee the color is much much prettier!

 Pro’s :


natural looking despite the shimmery finish,travel friendly , and completed with brush inside.


very unique color! It stays on your lip well enough, and moistened

Con’s :


Not as pigmented as I expect when I applied it on my eyes, the brush is very hard to use since it’s too small


Still transfer little

Overall :

If I had to choose between those two items, then I would say the lipstick with no doubt. It stays well and got many pretty color options, for the shadow unfortunately I don’t find something special about it, but I would probably recommend for those who loves natural makeup and, the shimmery that this shadow has, I think you don’t have to use shadow highlighter to save space and time!

You can get their product at all Absolute New York counters but currently they have only one store in Surabaya which located at Ciputra World Mall Surabaya.

Let me know which one you prefer on comment section below! 😉

Thank you for reading.


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