What I Wear in Tokyo

October 12, 2017

Hi Guys, glad to be back after a long hiatus! I apologize for my hibernation, work life got super crazy these days, and I just had to finish them first! Anyway, some of you knew that I visited Tokyo last month. At first, I should fly to Thailand for a short getaway, but God changed my direction, I flew to Japan instead. Really grateful ! lol

After Korea, Japan is the last destination in Asia that I’ve always wanted to visit. I got 8 nights and 7 days to visit Tokyo, Japan during this summer, unfortunately due to some reasons, I can only spend my times in Tokyo ( Tho I want to visit other cities too:( )

There are so many places I visited in Tokyo since it was quite long time to spend only inside this fast-paced city, if you want to know what places I visited, be sure to check my newest Tokyo travel diary on my Youtube channel. Just click on the link down below , and please don’t forget to give like and be subscribed ! 😀

A Week in Tokyo

Anyway, I want to share my outfit diary when I was in Tokyo. The weather was just really nice, though during the day, it can get quite hot which probably around 30C, as during the night , the average temperature will be around 20C. Very nice one! I am the type of person, when I’m traveling, comfort comes first, so I am trying to pick up these outfits that keep me feel comfortable on my trip yet still stylist without looking too much!

 1. Off shoulder top and short pants.

 I really love off shoulder tops, they’re so effortlessly stylish, and you can combine it with pretty anything on your closet. For me, I combined my tops that I got from Thailand  with my jean shorts from HnM and white sneakers from Stradivarius. I rarely wear socks but when you’re in Japan, why not tryin to be a lil bit “Kawaii” for a day like young locals? Therefore, i tried different style with my super cute socks from Korea


   2. Basic T-shirt and Ruffle Skirts

Recently I’ve been so in love with ruffle details including this skirt from J-rep. It is very chic and can upgrade your look in a while even if you only combine it with simple T-shirts. I paired it with my baby pink ” Ice cream” T-shirt from Korea since I thought the combination of navy white plaids would go really well with baby pink color. I think this look will be really suitable to those who wants to stay simple, casual, but still have something on point 😉


3. Occasional/Seasonal Outfit

For this part, It’s 100% depend on what season or occasion you’d have. If you will have Halloween party, maybe you can bring something more costumy . I had a fun day in Tokyo Disneysea and I like thematic outfit, talking about Disney, I honestly don’t have the exact character that I like cause I am more a Harry Potter kind of girl instead of Disney girl ( which makes me want to go US Osaka so much #teamWingardiumLeviosa) but Minnie is the first thing that will pop in my mind whenever I heard Disney! I decided to just dressed up in Minnie style with red polkadot tops , wrapped yellow shorts from Magnolia and oversized jeans jacket by Stradivarius ,  don’t forget to wear characters hair bandana! Note that Japanese people is very expressive and open minded including their fashion style, you will find MANY couples, or girl/boy groups dressing in a unique costumes and would go TOTALLY for it until the point you can’t differentiate which one is Disney staff and which one is actually visitors!


4. Dress with Statement Sleeves 

Dress is an outfit you can choose whenever you feel girly or feminine, and I will have that day at least once a week! Dress is also a strike to those who hates wearing many pieces or layering. I bring my long sleeves dress with asymmetric cutting that I got from Thailand. It has stripes pattern on it (FYI stripes trend is back lately!), then I just combine it with my white sneakers and black backpack from MCM. Always, always,always wear inner pants when you’re wearing dress especially when you’re traveling. It’s not funny if suddenly wind  came and your dress kind – of – fly here and there right ;)? Make sure you avoid this little mistake.


That’s all for some of my simple outfit picks in Japan! I hope you like them and hope this inspires you! Let me know which look is your favorite by comment down below!

Have good day peeps.



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